About Us

Formerly meat-eating, daily wine-glugging, occasional exercisers, living stressed out lives. Now whole-food plant-based diet converts, lovers of exercise, yoga & early nights. And creators of a balanced, simple and happy lifestyle.

How did this seismic shift happen? Well, it all started with our dog, Jampa.

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Our Story

Out of the blue, Jampa was diagnosed with lymphoma. The immediate advice from our vet was to stop feeding him what we thought was high-quality food…that we bought from the vet. We were to start preparing nutritious meals that wouldn’t ‘feed’ the cancer. As we started researching nutrition more and more, we discovered, that food and disease are inextricably linked. Further research quickly revealed that the only diet scientifically proven to reverse many of the common chronic diseases of our time, is a plant-based one.

It also started to feel very wrong that we were trying to save one animal’s life at all costs, yet still eating others. Suddenly the penny dropped for both of us. And we stopped eating all animal products right there and then. 

Very sadly, Jampa didn’t make it. His lymphoma was too far gone. But his legacy to the world is The Health Habit. We’re pretty certain, we wouldn’t be on this path today if it hadn’t been for him.




About Richard

I have been a top-level chef, international public speaker, presenter, food writer, the author of two cookbooks (one award-winning), and chef consultant in the world of food and drink for three decades. I have extensive broadcasting and media experience including TV presenting and video production. 

Since transforming my health and wellbeing through a plant-based diet, I have also become a level 3 qualified personal trainer and am in the best shape of my life. My professional website is www.richardfox.tv

About Colette

After ditching animal products and going entirely plant-based, I am now a certified Nutrition & Lifestyle Coach, and am a member of Plant Based Health Professionals UK and UK Health Coaches Association. This is now the focus of my work, and life.

I previously worked for two decades in the not-for-profit sector helping household name charities build great relationships, and create & implement new plans.



What We Do

The Health Habit is all about motivating and empowering real people to take back control of tired eating habits and lifestyle choices, and provide the inspiration to eat more plants. We also share our knowledge and passion with food businesses, to help meet the ever-growing demand for plant-based options.

We provide the tools and support to quickly and easily create plant-based meals to send your energy soaring, get your body moving, control stress levels, sleep like a baby, and wind back the clock.

We’re with you all the way.